Minerals & Vitamins

A daily sup​plement of vitamins and minerals is essentiell for the horses to feel well and stay healthy.  Vitamins och minerals is needed in small amounts, every day and plays a vital role for the horses health.

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Vitamins can among other things affect the horses immune system, muscle function and quality of the coat. Minerals affect several of the body´s vital and essentiell functions, such as the function of the organs, development of the skeleton and the blood´s ability to transport oxygen. Lack of vitamins or minerals can give diseases symptoms, while overdose can also be harmful. 

Minerals | Trikem


Mineraler till häst

Mineral supplement for horses that contains both macro and micro minerals to meet the horse essentiell needs. Can be given to horses during both grazing season and stable period.

Vitamins Pellets | Trikem


Vitaminer och mineraler till häst

Multi is a supplement with vitamins and micro minerals. Given to meet the horse's need for vitamins and important microminerals.

Vitamins | Trikem

Vitamins Liq

Vitamin and minerals for horse's

Multi is a supplement with vitamins and micro minerals. Given to meet the horse's need for vitamins and important microminerals.

Salt | Trikem


Salt for horses

Salt for daily feed. Helps the horse maintain the body's balance between salt and fluid. Roughage contains low levels of sodium and salt should be given daily as a supplement.

Elektrolyter | Trikem


Electrolytes for horses

Electrolytes is a composition of the electrolytes the horse needs after sweat losses, training or warm weather. Supplement the horse to optimize the balance between fluid and electrolytes.


Vitamin E and selenium

E+Selen är ett tillskott som består av E-vitamin och selen, två av de viktigaste antioxidanterna för hästens muskulatur. E-vitamin och selen bryter ned och rensar ut de fria radikalerna som uppstår i hästens muskler vid träning och hård ansträngning.

B-Vitaminer | Trikem

B-vitamin pellets

A complete vitamin B supplement

A supplement of B vitamins is suitable to give in case of coat change, stomach and intestinal disorders or hard training.  

B-vitamin Liq

A complete vitamin B supplement

A supplement of B-vitamins suitable to give in times of coat change, gastrointestinal disorders or hard training. 

Magnesium | Trikem


A pure magnesium supplement for horses

Magnesium is crucial for the horse's muscle and nerve function, as well as playing a central role in most of the body's enzymatic activities.

Strong Blood | Trikem

Strong Blood

Iron supplement for horse's 

Strong Blood provides the horse with iron, copper, cobalt, B12 and folic acid, all substances required to increase the production of red blood cells. Suitable for horses with iron deficiency.

Copper | Trikem


Copper supplement for horse's 

Copper+ for horses with copper deficiency or where copper is missing in the feed. Can be used to balans the ratio of iron and copper.  

C- Vitamin | Trikem


Supplement of Vitamin C for horses 

C-vitamin contains 100 % ascorbic acid and is a supplement for older horses and horses in high intensity training

Zinc | Trikem


Zinc supplement for horses 

Zinc i suitable as a supplement for horse's that suffers from problems with the immune system, eczema, mud fever or feeble fur.

Thiamin | Trikem


For tense horses and patellar luxation

Thiamin (vitamin B1) is a proven supplement for patella hooking and is recommended by several veterinarians.

Fosfortillskott Phosphorus | Trikem


Phosphorus supplement for horses

Pure phosphorus supplementation helps to balance the ratio between calcium and phosphorus.

Kalsiumtillskott Calsium | Trikem


Calcium supplement for horses 

Calcium is a mineral that among other things   play a crucial role in skeleton, teeth and muscle function. Supplement to balance the important Ca:P - quota. 

Kisel | Trikem


Silicon supplement for horses

Silicon is a mineral included in the skeleton, fascia, hoofs, skin, coat, tendons and ligaments

Muscles & Joints

The horse´s muscles and joints is in constantly need for maintains to avoid and prevent injury and wear. Problem with joints and muscles can for example due to overexertion or inflammation. By combining supplement with external liniment and cold can we maintain a healthy and flexible horse. 

To take care of the horse's muscles and joints is just as important for the competing horse as for the older individual. Building muscles and maintaining its strength requires protein in the form of correct composed amino acids. Protein Complex has a high proportion of essential amino acids and are formulated to meet the horse's protein needs. The muscles are in need of antioxidants and nutrients that contribute to the normal function of the muscles. E-plus contains vitamin E and selenium which are two of the most important antioxidants for the horse's muscles. MSM is part of the synthesis of muscles and contributes to increase the permeability of the muscle cell, which simplifies the export of slag products and provides efficient nutrient uptake.

Joint problems such as arthrosis, arthritis and osteochondrosis is common among horses in all disciplines. Under high training load, the body consumes more nutrients than it has time to produce, which means that joints and muscles can be damaged. The same thing happens with increasing age as the body's production of important body substances decreases. In these cases, it is beneficial to give a suitable supplement to help the horse. Examples of supplements are the Hyaluron 100 or the more traditional glucosamine.

BCAA | Trikem


Improves recovery and protects the muscles

BCAA is an excellent choice when you want to speed up the horse's recovery, protect muscles from break down and initiate muscle building.

Muscle Maker | Trikem

Muscle Maker

Protein supplement with spirulina and BCAA for muscle gain

 Swedish-made protein supplement that is given to horses to build and maintain muscle mass. Muscle Maker contains highly concentrated protein from spirulina. Together with the valuable amino acids in the form of BCAA, Muscle Maker provides your horse with the conditions to reach top physical shape. 

Protein Complex

248 g protein - based on Swedish wheat stillage 

Protein Complex is a feed supplement with high protein content and all essentiell amino acids. Give to increase the protein in the feed ratio and also to develop and maintain the horses musculature.  

Hyaluron 100 | Trikem

Hyaluron 100

High molecular hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substrate in the horses joint fluid. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to absorb water which increases the viscosity of the joint fluid and improves the shock absorbing and lubricating functions of the joint

Magnesium | Trikem


Magnesium supplement for horses

Magnesium is crucial for the horse's muscle and nerve function, as well as playing a central role in most of the body's enzymatic activities.


Vitamin E och selenium for the horse's muscles

E+Selen is a supplement that consists of vitamin E and selenium, two of the most important antioxidants for the horse's muscles. Vitamin E and selenium break down and clean out the free radicals that occur in the horse's muscles during training and hard exertion.

Glucosamine | Trikem


Glucosamine for horse

Glucosamine is an endogenous substance found in cartilage, tendons and ligament. With increased age or prolonged training, wear and tear of the cartilage may be occur which in turn decreases the mobility of the joint

MSM häst | Trikem


Supplement for the horses muscles 

MSM-Metylsulfonylmetan is a natural organic sulfur compound who plays a vital role in the creation of new cells in the body. MSM contributes to an increased permeability of the cell walls which enables the excretion of waste products and benefits the nutrient uptake

Collagen | Trikem


Supplement for the horse's joints and ligaments

Collagen makes up 25-30% of the body's protein and is the building material for ligaments, tendons and bones. Collagen also contains the substances Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin, which support the function of the joint structure.

Joint Re-build | Trikem

Joint Rebuild

Joint supplement with Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM

Joint Rebuild contains the most important building blocks for rehabilitation of stiff joints

Thiamin | Trikem


To horse's with stiff muscles and patellar luxation

Thiamin (vitamin B1) is a proven supplement for patella hooking and is recommended by several veterinarians.

Competition Gel | Trikem

Competition Gel

Doping free, double action liniment gel

An effective, double acting and doping free liniment. Competition Gel initially acts cooling and thereafter give a long lasting, comfortable and relaxing warming effect that acts beneficiary on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints

Radital Liniment | Trikem

Radital Liniment

The horse cure for sore muscles

The most famous liniment in Sweden, used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Radital Liniment is an efficient, double acting liniment that acts locally to increase the blood flow, decrease recovery time and relive temporary pain

Radital Liniment Gel | Trikem

Radital Liniment Gel

The horse cure for sore muscles

The most famous liniment in Sweden, used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Radital Liniment is an efficient, double acting liniment that acts locally to increase the blood flow, decrease recovery time and relive temporary pain

Arnica Gel | Trikem

Arnica Gel

Natural Arnica

Mild, natural Arnica that’s based on extract from Arnica Montana or mountain arnica. Arnica is a well proven product that traditionally is used to increase blood flow to muscles and tissue

Radital Kylgel | Trikem

Radital Cooling Gel

Effective and deep acting cooling

Radital Kylgel is a fast acting cooling gel that gives a deep acting, efficient cooling.Cooling can relive temporary pain and temporary decreases the blood supply to the exposed area in order to reduce muscle bleeding, swelling and inflammation

Ice Gel | Trikem

Ice Gel

Doping free cooling gel 

Ice Gel gives a fast, effective and deep cooling effect. ger snabb, effektiv och djupverkande kyla. To cool an area can relive  temporary pain and reduce the blood flow to strained or damaged tissue.

Radital Värmesalva | Trikem

Heat Ointment

Beneficial warmth for sore muscles and tendons

RADITAL Warming ointment is a warming liniment ointment with a well-balanced mixture of essential and warming oils. Long-lasting and beneficial for sore muscles and tendons.


“No hoof, no horse" because unless the hooves are strong and healthy, they cannot carry the horse through training and work. In order to achieve good hoof quality,  efforts needs to be made both from the inside and the outside.

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Bad hoof quality can depend on a lack of important building blocks and nutrients. Some of the most important substances that is required for building a strong and elastic hoof are biotin, MSM, amino acids and zinc. Signs that the horse is suffering from a deficiency or lacking important substances can be cracked or dry hooves, hoof cracks, brittle hooves, poor hoof growth, etc. It is also important to optimize the horse's feed ration and ensure that the stomach is in balance, many see positive effects of adding a pre- or probiotic supplement in order to improve the quality of the hooves.
To keep the hooves moisturized and elastic you should apply oil or a paste on regularly basis. With hoof paste, you create a protective film that acts as a repellent against water and clay particles, in this way you can counteract dehydration and fragile hooves. If you want extra shine and a well groomed impression, you should choose hoof oil that easily penetrates the hoof and leaves a nice finish.

Biotin | Trikem


Biotin for strong hoofs

Biotin acts in cell metabolism and supports the horse's build-up of keratin, which is important for the quality of the hoof wall.


Liquid Biotin for strong hoofs

Biotin act in the cells metabolism and supports the horse production of keratin, which is important for the quality of the hoof capsule.

Hoof | Trikem


Nutrients for a stronger hoof

Hoof contains Biotin, Zinc, MSM and selected amino acids, all of which are part of the hoofs growth and structure of the hoof.

Hoof Paste | Trikem

Hoof Paste

With natural beeswax for the horse´s hoofs

Hoof Paste works to preserve the natural moisture of the hoof.
Hoof Paste is smooth and soft, with only natural ingredients and high content of pure beeswax

Hoof Oil | Trikem

Hoof Oil

For shining and elastic hoofs

Hoof Oil is based on a unique mixture of Rapeseed Oil, Coconut Oil and Flaxseed Oil

Stomach & Intestines

The horse is an intestinal fermenter and in order for the stomach and intestinal system to function and provide the horse with the nutrition it needs, the most important thing is to keep the intestinal flora healthy and in balance. Stomach and intestinal supplements are available in different compositions and active substances so that you can find a supplement that suits your horse. If you need advice on which supplement suits your horse, you can always turn to our experts Feed advisory

In this category you will find products for the horses stomach and intestines. If you horse is suffering from problems with the stomach and intestinal system it can be seen through loose stools, free fecal liquid, diarrhea or colic. If your horse suffer from gastric ulcer or suspect that this is the case your horse can benefit from a supplement with lecithin that protects the stomachs mucous membrane. In order for the horse's digestive tract to be healthy it needs good fibers. The roughage is full of beneficial fibers, the same applies to prebiotics a concentrated form of fiber that the good bacteria in the horse's large intestine can use. Probiotics provide the horse with more good bacteria and microbes to increase the proportion of beneficial bacteria in the large intestine and help the stomach to function normally again.

Flaxseed oil

High in Omega 3 and 6 

Cold pressed flaxseed oil with a high content of gentel energy. Flaxseed oil is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 and can contribute to minimizing inflammations and has a positive effect on skin and coat

Harmony | Trikem


Live yeast culture for a healthy gastrointestinal system 

Harmony is a yeast supplement that contains a living yeast culture of the species Saccharomyces cerevisiae. Harmoni contributes to stabilizing the microflora in the hindgut and to increase the feed digestibility.

Harmony Fix | Trikem

Harmony Fix

Probiotics for unbalance in the digestive tract

Harmony Fix is a "first aid" product for times when the horse suffer from diarrhea, loose stools or constipation. Adds good microorganisms needed for the stomach and intestines to function properly.

Gut Balance | Trikem

Gut Balance

Prebiotics for horse's

Gut Balance is based on a beneficial yeast culture which, together with the added prebiotics, contributes to a healthy intestinal flora.  

Gastro | Trikem


Protection for the mucous membranes of the stomach

Gastro contains Lecithin that, together with polysaccharides, forms a gel barrier i the stomach that will protect the mucus membrane against gastric acid

Temperament & Boost

The ri​ght balance between energy and focus is required for the horse to function at its peak. A stressed, nervous or "stuck" horse that has difficulty unwinding may suffer from a deficiency of essential minerals and amino acids.

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Serotonin är ett hormon som behövs för att återfå balans efter ett stresspåslag. Tryptofan, thiamin och magnesium är ämnen som krävs för den kroppsegna serotoninproduktionen. Brist på något av dessa ämnen kan resultera i en nervös, spänd eller tittig häst. 
Tävlingshästar som vi vill ska prestera på topp är i behov av rätt energi som lätt kan tas upp av kroppen. En korrekt sammansatt olja som innehåller den rätta kombinationen av MCT ger extra energin och boost vid rätt tillfälle. Energy Oil och Energy Booster är skonsamma mot kroppen och är ett utmärkt val för den tävlande individen.

Hästar som svettas mycket vid träning eller under varma förhållanden förlorar en större andel elektrolyter. Elektrolyter är nödvändigt att ersätta efter träning för att kunna bibehålla rätt balans mellan vätska och elektrolyter i kroppen. Brist av elektrolyter ger en försämrad återhämtning och nedsatt prestation.

Energy Oil

Energy Oil

High-quality supplement of gentle energy

Energy contains a unique combination of oils from rapeseed, flaxseed and coconut which together supply the horse with energy in a gentle form

Energy Booster

Energy Booster

For quick energy and endurance

An effective energy boost of 100% MCT oil from coconut that quickly supplies the muscles with concentrated energy. 

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Electrolytes for horses

Electrolytes contains the electrolytes the horse need to maintain the balance between fluid and electrolytes.


For a calm, balanced and focused horse

Focus is a supplement that provides the substances the horse needs to handle those hormones released in the body when stressed


In case of Patellar Luxation

Thiamin (vitamin B1) is a well know supplement for horses with Patellar Luxation and is recommended by several veterinarians


A pure magnesium supplement for horses

Magnesium is a macromineral that needs to be supplemented via the feed. Magnesium is important  for several enzymes in the body and essential for the muscle- and nerve function

Strong Blood

Iron supplement for horse's 

Strong Blood supplies the horse with iron, copper, cobalt, B12 and folic acid, that all are necessary for the production of red blood cells. Suitable for horse's suffering from iron deficiency. 


Extend the life of your gear by polishing, oiling and greasing the leather on a regular basis! Sweat, salt and dirt dry out and wear down the leather, so leather should be cleaned after each use.

A sprayable cleaner, flexible and easy to use, just spray and wipe! Lubricating or oiling leather products regularly is also important to extend the life of leather equipment. Remember to lubricate a little and often instead of risking oversaturating the leather with grease. For extra shine on race day, polish the bridle with a leather finish!

Leather Balm | Trikem

Leather Balm

Cleaning and lubricating 

Used in daily care of leather and skins to gently clean and condition. Maintains the material soft and with a high finish.

Paraffin Oil

Pure paraffin oil for leather care

Paraffin Oil is is appreciated for its smooth texture and natural interaction with the leather. Used by professional saddle makers.

Leather Cleaner | Trikem

Leather Cleaner

Efficient cleaning of leather and synthetic material

Leather Cleaner effectively dissolves grease and dirt on leather and synthetic materials. Leather Cleaner is suitable for daily cleaning.

Glycerin Soap | Trikem

Glycerin Soap

Cleans, softens and protects the leather

Glycerin soap protects and softens leather. Efficiently dissolves dirt, grease and sweat residues

Leather Oil | Trikem

Leather Oil

Regreasing and softening

Leather Oil is a unique blend of oils that gently nourishes all types of leather. Contains no decomposing acids and prolongs the life of the leather.

Leather Cream | Trikem

Leather Cream

All-in-one cream with a perfect finish

Leather Cream is a smooth cream that is easy to use. Suitable for both leather and synthetic. A one-step cream that requires neither pre- nor post work. 

Pälsvård & Utvärtesvård

When the accident occurs it’s nice to have a well stocked first aid kit in the stable. Trikem has disinfectant products for cleaning wounds as well as ointments for smaller wounds, rubs and softening ointments for care of pasterns, mud fever and skin dermatitis. For horses with an itchy mane and tail we have ItchStop that efficiently calms the skin irritation..

TRIKEM´s horse shampoo and horse conditioner makes the coat dirt repellent and shiny, while being gentle for the skin and coat. TRIKEM´s Mane&Tail is a shine spray that gives both shine, volume and an easy-to-work with mane and tail.

For a pleasant summer we have Flugmedel and Mygg&Fästing with insect repellent substance or Sommarspray with different fragrance that cover the horses scent.

Mygg&Fästing gives up to 24 hours protection and are therefore suitable as an insect repellent for horses on pasture. Flugmedel protects your horse against insects for up to 5 hours. Flugkärm is easily applied to sensitive areas such as the head and groin.

Sommarspray comes in three different fragrances and covers the horse's scent from flying torments. Sommarspray acts efficient but short, perfect for a trail ride or when you're spending time with your horse. SummerCream is easily applied to sensitive areas such as the head and groin.

Klorhexidin Spray | Trikem

Chlorhexidine Spray

Cleaning for damaged skin and rashes

Klorhexidin Spray for horses and dogs. Klorhexidin Spray is an antiseptic spray for cleaning of the animals skin. Suitable to use for smaller skin wounds or rashes in coat and on paws

Klorhexidin Schampo | Trikem

Chlorhexidine Shampoo

Disinfect and cleanse damaged skin 

An antiseptic shampoo that disinfects and cleans skin and coat on animals

Koksaltlösning | Trikem

Saline Solution

For cleaning eyes, wounds and skin abrasions

Koksalt is used for washing and cleaning of small wounds. Handy packaging with a tip cork that provides opportunity to easily aim and use a strong beam with good flushing effect

Hästsalva | Trikem

Equine Ointment

Zinc and vitamin AD for pastern and smaller wounds

Hästsalva is a softening, mildly antiseptic ointment. Hästsalva is enriched with zinc and vitamin A and D, which has a positive effect on the healing process

Vaselin | Trikem


For dry and cracked skin

Creates a protective layer that acts water repellent and capsules the natural moisture. Protects against friction and rubs

Tjärsalva | Trikem

Tar Ointment

Mildly antiseptic for itchy and watering rashes

A mildly antiseptic tar ointment, suitable for care of  itchy and watering rashes. Hides the horses smell for protection during summer turn out

Bright White

Effektiv fläckborttagning för päls

Bright White är en rengöringsspray som används i hästens päls, man och svans för att snabbt och effektivt ta bort oönskade fläckar och smuts. 

Mane & Tail | Trikem

Mane & Tail


Mane&Tail is a combined conditioner and shine spray that gives boths shine and volume. Mane&Tail is easy to use, has detangling effects that makes it easy to brush both the horses mane and tail

Grey & White Shampoo

Grey Shampoo 

Grey Shampoo, är ett skimmelschampo som rengör den ljusa pälsen och gör den skinande igen. 

Horse Shampoo

Aloe Vera

Ett skonsamt och välgörande schampo med Aloe Vera som framhäver hårremmens naturliga glans och mjukhet.

Horse Conditioner

Aloe Vera

Ett återfuktande balsam med Aloe Vera. Genom att använda ett balsam efter schamponering blir pälsen extra mjuk och får samtidigt tillbaka sina isolerande och vattenavvisande egenskaper.

Gloss Shampoo

För en blank, smutsavvisande päls

Ett skonsamt schampo som ger en blank och smutsavvisande hårrem med vacker lyster. 

Renons Flugmedel till Häst - Trikem

Mygg & Fästing 

Låt din häst njuta av sommaren!

Mygg&Fästing gives a very effective protection against insects such as flies, ticks and mosquitos. Contains 20 % Icaridin and protects up to 24 hours.

SummerSpray | Trikem


The green choice

SummerSpray hides the natural horse fragrance and helps the horse get a calm and comfortable time in the field or during the outside training.

Summer Creme

Summer Creme

For a pleasant summer

Summer Creme is a creme with a refreshing scent that hides the natural horse fragrance and contributes to a calm and comfortable time in the field or during the outside training, far from the summer's torments

Itch Stop | Trikem


Reduces itching in mane, tail and coat

ItchStop efficiently reduces the horse’s itching of mane, tail and coat. Decreases dandruff, strengthens the skin against itching and improves the everyday life for horses with summer related skin problems

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