Häst och hund

Swedish manufactured animal care
and feed supplement for horse's and dog's since 1954


We work exclusively with carefully chosen products to ensure that our finsihed products is of highest quality. All of our products are approved and we are proud of that all our production is placed in Sweden.


Knowledge is vital. We have long experience within physiology, nutrition and are constantly updated with the latest research.

Wellness & Performance

We work for wellness regardless performance level and strive to bring out the best of each individual.

Coat care

Hyaluron 100

Gloss Shampoo

For a shiny coat

A gentle shampoo that leaves the coat soft, dirt repellent and with a beautiful shine.

The shampoo is environmentally friendly as it only contains substances that are biodegradable.

Hyaluron 365

Grey Shampoo

Keeps your grey horse shiny 

Grey Schampoo is valuable and effective, keeps the grey horse shiny without the additive of whiteners.
Grey Shampoo brings out a natural, shiny coat. 


Working Dog

AloeVera Shampoo

For a strong and full coat

AloeVera Shampoo has moisturizing properties that preserve, protect and highlight the fur's natural luster. 

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Häst och hund


Trikems advisors gladly help you with question related to horses and dogs. If you have any questions regarding our products, if you want a personal feed ration or questions regarding the wellbeing of your animal? Please contact us. 

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Do you have a store or e-commerce? Do you want to be able to offer Swedish manufactured high quality products to your customers? Har du en butik eller driver du en webbhandel? Vill du kunna erbjuda dina kunder svensktillverkade kvalitetsprodukter? Send in a request to become a reseller of Trikem products.

Häst och hund

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