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Snabb, skonsam & ren energi

MCT-olja baserad på 100 % kokosolja med 62,4% kaprylsyra (C8) och 36,4% kaprinsyra (C10). Dessa ger snabb, skonsam och ren energi.


At the onset of stiff joints

Hyaluronic acid is an endogenous substrate in joint fluid. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to absorb water which increases the viscosity of the joint fluid and improves the shock absorbing and lubricating functions of the joint


For mobility and recovery

MSM-Metylsulfonylmetan is a natural organic sulfur compound who plays a vital role in the creation of new cells in the body


Radital Liniment

The horse cure for sore muscles

The most famous liniment in Sweden, used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Radital Liniment is an efficient, double acting liniment that acts locally to increase the blood flow, decrease recovery time and relive temporary pain

Radital Liniment Gel

The horse cure for sore muscles

Sveriges mest sålda liniment, använt på djur och människor i över 65 år. Radital LinimentGel är ett effektivt, dubbelverkande liniment som lokalt verkar för att öka blodgenomströmningen, förkorta återhämtningstiden och ge lindring vid tillfällig smärta

Radital Cooling Gel

Effective and deep acting cooling

Radital Kylgel is a fast acting cooling gel that gives a deep acting, efficient cooling.Cooling can relive temporary pain and temporary decreases the blood supply to the exposed area in order to reduce muscle bleeding, swelling and inflammation

Radital Heat Ointment

Beneficial warmth for sore muscles and tendons

RADITAL Värmesalva is a warming liniment ointment with a well balanced blend of essential- and warming oils. Long acting and beneficial for sore muscles and tendons

Hygiene & care

Aloe Vera Gel

Svalkar, vårdar och lugnar

98% Aloe Vera Gel som återfuktar, svalkar och lugnar känslig hud. Lindrar vid solsveda, på insektsbett och perfekt att använda efter rakning.

Mosquitos & Ticks

Håller sommarens plågor på avstånd

Mygg&Fästing provides a efficient protection against flies, moscquitos and other biting insects. Contains 20% Icaridin that give efficient protections up to 24 hours

Hand Sanatizer 70%

Disinfecting and moisturizing

HandSprit is an effective hand disinfectant against viruses, bacteria and fungi. Used on the hands to reduce the spread of infection. HandSprit works quickly and added glycerin prevents dehydration of the skin.


Mild, non perfumed and softening hand soap

Handtvål is a liquid, mild and non  pefumed hand soap. It contains substances that are keeps the skin soft

AlcoGel 85%

Bactericidal gel for disinfection of hands 

Alcogel is a fast acting, bactericidal gel for hands that doesn't smudge. Does not dry out the skin but retains the natural moisture of the skin by the additive of glycerine

Rubbing Alcohol 70%

For disinfection of surfaces

Effective against bacteria, fungi and some viruses


For dry and cracked skin 

Creates a protective layer that acts water repellent and capsules the natural moisture. Protects against friction and rubs

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