Vitamins & Minerals                 

A daily supplement of vitamins and minerals is a basic prerequisite for a healthy and fit dog. Vitamins and minerals are crucial for the most things that happens in the body,  although they are needed in small amounts every day, they play a crucial role for the dogs health. Vitamins affect, among other things, the dog's immune system, muscle function and coat quality. Minerals affect several of the dogs most vital functions, such as the function of the various organs, the development of the skeleton and the blood's ability to transport oxygen around the body.

WorkingDog B-vitamin

With all the necessary B vitamins for your dog

Vitamin B contains all the necessary B vitamins for the dog. B vitamins are part of the body's nutritional metabolism and are necessary for the energy conversion of protein, fat and carbohydrates. Folic acid, cobalamin and choline are needed for the growth and maintenance of the body's cells and in the production of new blood cells

WorkingDog MultiVitamin

Supplement of vitamins, micro minerals and trace elements

Multivitamin provides a pure supplement of vitamins, micro minerals and trace elements. Vitamins, micro minerals and trace elements play a crucial role in the dog's performance, well being and the body's vital functions

Muscle & Joints                 

 Joint problems and damages do to wear and tear such as arthritis and osteochondros are common amongst dogs. The dogs joints and muscles need continuous attention to avoid and prevent damages and injuries.  This is best done by combining well adapted supplements with external products such as liniment and cooling gel. Taking care of the dog's muscles and joints is just as important for the active dog as for the older individual.

Hyaluron 365

The optimal joint supplement for a more flexible dog

Hyaluron 365 is a compound of substances that all act for the dog's joint function and mobility. Hyaluronic acid is a body substance that is included in the dog's joint fluid and gives it its shock absorbing ability


For healthy ligaments and joints 

For dogs that need extra support for ligaments, tendons and joints. Collagen is the most common protein in the dogs body and therefore one of the most important building blocks for the body's wellbeing.   

WorkingDog MaxGlucosamine

With easily digested Glucosamine

A natural product produced from shellfish, with a high absorption capacity. Glucosamine is a endogenous substance that participates in the formation of articular cartilage. Glucosamine is also a component of tendons and ligaments

WorkingDog MaxGLM+

Green-lipped Mussel

Pure extract of the Green-lipped mussel with nutrients for cartilage, connective tissue, skin and joint fluid. MaxGLM+ contains a high level of Glucosaminoglycans, Omega-3 (ETA, DHA, EPA) and Omega-6

WorkingDog MaxActivity

Fore the dog's performance and endurance 

MaxActivity is given to the active dog to create the right conditions for function and health

WorkingDog MaxMuscle

For the active dog's muscles and stamina

MaxMuscle is a supplement for the active dog's stamina and musculature.
MaxMuscle contains Lysine and Methionine, essential amino acids required for the build up and repair of muscle tissue

WorkingDog MaxMSM+

For smooth muscles and fresh cells

MSM has an important role in the bodys cellular formation and is a part of the structure of cartilage, tendons, connective tissue, muscles

Radital Liniment

The horse cure for sore muscles

The most famous liniment in Sweden, used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Radital Liniment is an efficient, double acting liniment that acts locally to increase the blood flow, decrease recovery time and relive temporary pain

Radital LinimentGel

The horse cure for sore muscles

The most famous liniment in Sweden, used on animals and humans for over 65 years. Radital Liniment is an efficient, double acting liniment that acts locally to increase the blood flow, decrease recovery time and relive temporary pain

Radital Kylgel

Effective and deep acting cooling

Radital Kylgel is a fast acting cooling gel that gives a deep acting, efficient cooling.Cooling can relive temporary pain and temporary decreases the blood supply to the exposed area in order to reduce muscle bleeding, swelling and inflammation

Radital Competition Gel

Doping free, double action liniment gel

An effective, double acting and doping free liniment. Competition Gel initially acts cooling and thereafter give a long lasting, comfortable and relaxing warming effect that acts beneficiary on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints

Radital Ice Gel

Doping free cooling gel 

Ice Gel is a cooling gel that gives a fast and effective, deep-acting cooling effect. 
Cooling can relive temporary pain and reduce blood flow to strained or damaged tissue

Radital Arnica Gel

Mild, natural Arnica

Mild, natural Arnica that’s based on extract from Arnica Montana or mountain arnica. Arnica is a well proven product that traditionally is used to increase blood flow to muscles and tissue

Radital Heat Ointment     

Beneficial warmth for sore muscles and tendons

RADITAL Värmesalva is a warming liniment ointment with a well balanced blend of essential- and warming oils. Long acting and beneficial for sore muscles and tendons

Stomach & Intestines                 

An unbalance in the dog's digestive tract can be caused by the dog eating something inappropriate, changing of food or a change in the dog's environment. A dog with loose stools you can advantageously give a pre- or probiotic supplement to support the intestinal flora.

A stable intestinal flora and a well functioning stomach are crucial for optimal nutrient uptake and a healthy dog. Pre- and probiotics contribute to a balanced intestinal flora, improved digestion, optimized nutrient uptake and a stable pH value that  counteracts the development of toxic bacteria.


Working Dog
Max Digestive

For dogs with a upset or sensitive stomach

Max Digestive stabilizes the dog's gastrointestinal flora. Give to the dog who easily gets upset in the stomach or suffers from loose stools.

Working Dog
Max ProBact

Restores and maintains the intestinal balance

Max ProBact contains good bacteria and prebiotic fiber for the dog, which acts quickly to restore the balance of the intestinal microflora

Working Dog
Flaxseed Oil

Natural source to omega 3 och omega 6

Cold pressed Flaxseed Oil that are gentle to the stomach and known for it´s anti inflammatory properties. Flaxseed Oil are suitable for dogs with skin problems or in case of a sensitive stomach. 

Temperament & Boost

Correct balance of energy and focus is required for the dog's wellbeing and to perform at it's best. A stressed, nervous or anxious dog, that have difficulties to calm down can be suffering deficiency of important minerals and amino acids. Serotonin is a hormone that is needed to regain internal balance after a stress episode. Tryptophan, thiamine och magnesium are substances needed for the body's own serotonin production. Deficiency of any of these substances can result in a nervous, tense or anxious dog. 

Active dog's that aim to perform optimal requires right source of energy that the body can easily utilize. A properly composed oil that contains the right combinations of MCT and CLA gives extra energy and boost a the right time. Energy Booster is gentle on the body and an excellent choice for the active individual.

WorkingDog MaxRelax

For a balanced mind

MaxRelax contains Tryptophan from which the dog's body can form serotonin and melatonin. Dogs with low levels of serotonin may express a anxious, stressed and impulsive behavior

WorkingDog Energy Booster

Endurance and explosiveness for the high performing dog

A powerful energy booster with MCT oils that quickly provides the muscles with concentrated energy and increases their endurance. MCT oils are easily absorbed and quickly give the dog access to useful and easily accessible energy

Dog care

 When the accident occurs it’s nice to have a well stocked animalpharmacy at home. Trikem has products for wound cleaning and wound care. For cracked, dry skin or to protect wounds, there are several ointments to choose from.

Trikem has a wide range of dog shampoos and dog conditioners. WorkingDog shampoos are gentle on the dog's fur and skin, while they effectively cleanse, straighten and give shine. The balm products moisturize the coat and counteract tangles and wear.

Chlorhexidine Spray

Cleaning for damaged skin and rashes

Klorhexidin Spray for horses and dogs. Klorhexidin Spray is an antiseptic spray for cleaning of the animals skin. Suitable to use for smaller skin wounds or rashes in coat and on paws

Chlorhexidine Shampoo

Disinfect and cleanse damaged skin

An antiseptic shampoo that disinfects and cleans skin and coat on animals

Saline Solution

For cleaning eyes, wounds and skin abrasions

Koksalt is used for washing and cleaning of small wounds. Handy packaging with a tip cork that provides opportunity to easily aim and use a strong beam with good flushing effect

Skin Ointment

Softening and mildly antiseptic

Easily applied, softening skin ointment that readily absorbed by the skin. Hudsalva contains tea tree oil and can be used for daily care of small wounds, skin abrasions and insect bites

Equine Ointment

Zinc and vitamin AD for pastern and smaller wounds

Hästsalva is a softening, mildly antiseptic ointment. Hästsalva is enriched with zinc and vitamin A and D, which has a positive effect on the healing process


For dry and cracked skin

Creates a protective layer that acts water repellent and capsules the natural moisture. Protects against friction and rubs

WorkingDog Shampoo

Cleansing and moisturizing

A gentle shampoo with cleansing and moisturizing properties that emphasize the natural character and luster of the fur. Very gentle on the skin and can be used regularly

WorkingDog Conditioner

Nourishing conditioner that gives the coat shine and strength

A nourishing conditioner that makes fur care easier and provides the fur
strength and brilliance. Conditioner has good moisturizing properties, prevents tangles and wear. Also prevents the coat from becoming static

AloeVera Shampoo

With natural Aloe Vera

A gentle shampoo with natural AloeVera and good cleansing effect. AloeVera shampoo makes the coat strong, mellow and shiny

AloeVera Conditioner

Gives the coat shine and strength

A nourishing conditioner with natural Aloe Vera that makes fur care easier and provides the fur strength and brilliance.  AloeVera Conditioner has good moisturizing properties, prevents tangles and wear

Vitamin Shampoo

For volume and shine

A gentle cleansing shampoo that moisturizes, protects and highlights the fur's natural luster. Vitamin Shampoo has added Vitamin B5 which makes the coat soft, mellow and shiny

Paw Ointment

Nurtures and protects the paw

aw ointment is a greasy, anhydrous ointment that protects the paw and nourishes dry pads