Products for veterinarian

Trikem Vet

YtDes 70% TENSID

For cleaning and disinfection of surfaces

Effective against bacteria, fungus and different types of viruses. 
Solves dirt and grease

Tvättsprit 70%

For disinfection of surfaces

Effective against bacteria, fungi and some viruses


For rectal and vaginal examinations 

Lubrication of tool, hand and arm when performing rectal and vaginal examinations


For ultrasound examinations 

When performing ultrasound examinations


For dry and cracked skin 

Creates a protective layer that acts water repellent and capsules the natural moisture. Protects against friction and rubs


Pure paraffin oil

Paraffin oil is a pure mineral oil that lubricates the intestines without being absorbed by the intestines


Cleaning for damaged skin and rashes

Klorhexidin Spray for horses and dogs.
Klorhexidin Spray is an antiseptic spray for cleaning of the animals skin. Suitable to use for smaller skin wounds or rashes in coat and on paws


Disinfect and cleanse damaged skin

An antiseptic shampoo that disinfects and cleans skin and coat on animals


For cleaning eyes, wounds and skin abrasions

Koksalt is used for washing and cleaning of small wounds. Handy packaging with a tip cork that provides opportunity to easily aim and use a strong beam with good flushing effect

Alcogel 85%

Bactericidal gel for disinfection of hands 

Alcogel is a fast acting, bactericidal gel for hands that doesn't smudge. Does not dry out the skin but retains the natural moisture of the skin by the additive of glycerine

HandSprit 70%

Disinfecting and moisturizing 

Handtvätt is made up of three different alcohols with ethanol as the main ingredient. Handtvätt is fast acting and done not smudge